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Our Goal is to Build Houses

Healing Place is the "housing" aspect of Bikers Against Trafficking.  We are determined to provide housing for survivors of human sex trafficking.  It is our passion and our mission.


Work Shops, Teaching & Training

Healing Place works with Sojourners Recovery & Wellness Center and Family4Today to provide Clinical Trauma Counseling for survivors of abuse and trauma.  We have a network of trained speakers that we send out to make a difference.  Contact us if you are interested in having us come to your venue (church, organization, event).


Healing Place Houses


Healing Place is a three phase project.  At present we have provided housing for those who have survived human sex trafficking for the last three years.  Three years ago we were able to provide housing for three individuals, last year we were able to provide housing for nine and this year we have provided housing for an additional nine and within the next four weeks we will provide housing for an additional four individuals that we are now working with.  Our Healing Place project PHASE ONE: involves providing housing primarily through trauma trained support volunteers who open up their homes for those who have survived human sex trafficking.  Our board members participate in this and have been instrumental in launching phase one.  PHASE TWO:  involves the purchase of our first primary home which will house four survivors and serve as the base of our building plan.  We are now raising money for this phase.  PHASE THREE: involves the building of six houses which will house 24 individuals who have survived human sex trafficking.

Each person who comes to us becomes part of our family and we provide education, clinical trauma informed counseling, job training/coaching as well as job placement.  We have helped support some as they went through court battles and also provide all necessary addiction counseling and in the case of many that we have helped: medical and dental assistance as well.  Each person we partner with can stay as long as needed and the minute we are contacted we move into action.  There is no waiting or vetting period as we believe those who reach out need help NOW.  

Each person who volunteers with Bikers Against Trafficking goes through an extensive federal background check and we provide ongoing training.  No one on our team takes any money for any personal needs as every dollar raised goes to direct client care.  We operate on a lean basis but as a result we have gotten to help many individuals and we average helping 22 individuals with clinical trauma counseling at present on a weekly basis.

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Our goal is to build six houses which will house 24 survivors on two acres.  It is a big dream but we believe it can happen!

Healing Place

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