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About Us

Our Goal is to Build Houses

Healing Place is the "housing" aspect of Bikers Against Trafficking.  We are determined to provide housing for survivors of human sex trafficking.  It is our passion and our mission.

Work Shops, Teaching & Training

Healing Place works with Sojourners Recovery & Wellness Center and Family4Today to provide Clinical Trauma Counseling for survivors of abuse and trauma.  We have a network of trained speakers that we send out to make a difference.  Contact us if you are interested in having us come to your venue (church, organization, event).

Healing Place Houses

Part of what we are doing is raising money to build six houses on 2 acres that will house Survivors of Human Sex Trafficking and their kids (if they have kids).  It is a hefty project but housing is the number one need when it comes to working with survivors of HT.  We are determined to build the houses but if necessary we will start by purchasing an existing house and working from that point onward.  Check out Bikers Against Trafficking to learn more about how we partner in the fight against human sex trafficking.

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Our goal is to build six houses which will house 24 survivors on two acres.  It is a big dream but we believe it can happen!

Healing Place

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